Friday, December 10, 2010

2010 Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas to Family and Friends, 2010

It is winter in Alaska again and that means Christmas is near. We are excited because the family will be flying north “over the rivers to grandmothers’ house” soon. Winter has been good – two big snows with a week of rain in between that made all the lakes great for skating for several days. Below are some events from 2010.

We were sad in April when granddaughter Emery moved to Tacoma, but Facebook and Skype kept us closer in spite of the distance. (Too bad we didn’t have this kind of communication 30 years ago for our kids and the grandparents.) John works with Operation Christmas Child for AK, WA, OR, ID and MT. Also, he’s been doing some writing lately for Christian Examiner. We are really looking forward to next April which is the due date of grandson Leeland! Grandkids are so much fun: )

July/August we had a great vacation down to Washington; along with a side-trip to see many Minnesotans for a week in the middle. Heidi and John’s apartment is in a good location, a block from a nice park and about a mile from downtown. So Heidi has a great place to take Emery for some fun and exercise every day.

Holly is making coffees up in Anacortes. She does a little rock climbing and sailing in her free time. She’s about 3 or 4 hours away from Heidi and they get together quite often.

Christoffer is an electrician working all around the oil and gas fields of the inlet and peninsula. He likes all motorized toys in his spare time.

Lois Ann is working half days at the elementary school and has become quite a painter at the lake house we are finishing. I am still retired and have been building and helping some friends a little on their buildings when not playing hockey or golf.

God Bless Everyone this Christmas and in the coming year!!!

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